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Latest headlines about the pandemic

Latest headlines about the pandemic

Latest headlines about the pandemic

In England, infections, hospitalisations and deaths started increasing in December 2020. The infection rate and hospital admission rate have decreased in recent weeks. Positivity rates for cases compatible with the new UK variant decreased in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The number of deaths involving the coronavirus (COVID-19) decreased in the latest week in England and Wales, but the total number of deaths (from all causes) remains above the five-year average. Despite recent increases, most people do not have antibodies to COVID-19. This suggests most of the population remains vulnerable to infection. More »

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Posted: Wed, 03 Mar 2021 21:17 by Jon Chitty

Buckden Landfill site - update report by the Environment Agency

A report by the Environment Agency into the Odours arising from the Landfill Site and other local areas.

  1. The actions we, the Environment Agency, are taking. As the primary regulator for the landfill we are, and have been, undertaking the following:
    •  Recording all reports of malodour passed to us using our incident hotline. These reports are notified to the operator to investigate and supply details of their findings to us for assessment. This is in addition to conducting our own assessments and investigations as per below.
    •  Regular assessments of odour within Brampton village to confirm the extent, severity, and source of the odours.
    •  Regular inspections of the landfill to assess the sources and underlying causes ofthe odour and to monitor actions being taken by the operator to address the issue.
    •  Regular liaison with the site operator to require, and drive, improvements on site to aid in the reduction of off-site malodour.
    •  Liaising with Environmental Health to share information on complaints and the odours detected during our assessments.
    •  Liaising with Public Health England to get their advice over concerns related to potential health risk from the malodours (see below for further information).
    •  Conducting a criminal investigation into the underlying cause of the odour with a view to taking appropriate enforcement action. The outcome of this will be dependent on our findings.
    •  Regular communications with local residents, Parish Council representatives, localMP, and other interested parties to keep them appraised of the situation.
  2. We are aware that people are concerned about potential health impacts from these malodours so we sought advice from Public Health England and they have provided the following information:
    "The human nose is very sensitive to odours, and many substances that are perceived as odorous are usually present at levels below which there is a direct toxicological effect. Odours can cause nuisance amongst the population possibly leading to stress and anxiety. Some people may experience symptoms such as nausea, headaches or dizziness, as a reaction to odours even when the substances that cause those smells are themselves not harmful to health."What should I do if I smell an odour I think is coming from the sewers or the sewage treatment plant?
    Please call Environmental Health on 01480 775799 or 01480 388302 to report the odour. Alternatively you can e-mail them at call our Freephone 24 hour incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60, we log and investigate all these calls even though we may not be able to send an officer out to the site every time.
  3. The full report is attached as a pdf file.
  4. What should I do if I smell an odour I think is coming from the landfill?
  5. Whenever people are concerned about their personal health, they should visit their General Practitioner (GP) or contact NHS Direct on 111 or

Posted: Fri, 26 Feb 2021 16:56 by Jon Chitty

A "roadmap" for easing Covid restrictions in England has been announced by the Prime Minister.

A "roadmap" for easing Covid restrictions in England has been announced by the Prime Minister.

What is the roadmap for lifting lockdown?

A "roadmap" for easing Covid restrictions in England has been announced by the prime minister.

After the first stage in March, further lifting of the rules will happen if certain conditions are met - such as the vaccine rollout going to plan. The aim is for all restrictions to be lifted, which will happen by 21 June at the earliest.

More detail can be found at

Posted: Tue, 23 Feb 2021 12:31 by Jon Chitty