Brampton Parish Council

Serving the people of Brampton

Brampton Sign

Clerk: Tess Rogers
Brampton Memorial Centre
Thrapston Road, Brampton
Huntingdon PE28 4TB

Agendas & Minutes

The quickest and easiest way to find the dates of our Parish Council and sub-committee meetings is to view our Council Meetings Calendar: here you will also find the associated agenda for each meeting.

The current year's minutes can be found below; you are able to find previous year's minutes attached to the relevant meeting on our Council Meetings Calendar.

2023 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Annual Assembly 2023

Annual Assembly Committee Chairman's Reports

Annual Assembly Organisation Representative Reports

Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

Churchyard & Cemetery Committee Meeting Minutes

Allotments Committee Meeting Minutes

Greens & Footpaths Committee Meeting Minutes

Village Facilities Meeting Minutes

Sports & Recreational Facilities Meeting Minutes

For any information required that is not available on here please contact the Parish Clerk 01480 454441