Brampton Parish Council

Serving the people of Brampton

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Clerk: Tess Rogers
Brampton Memorial Centre
Thrapston Road, Brampton
Huntingdon PE28 4TB

Churchyard and Cemetery

St. Mary Magdalene

The churchyard of our parish church is not maintained by the church itself. Responsibility has been handed over to the parish council. Each year money is set aside to look after the paths, trees and grass. We are also responsible for topple testing memorial stones, to avoid danger to members of the public and our workforce.

A few years ago the parish replaced a rose garden with a memorial garden where local families could plant a rose in memory of a family member. It has created a reflective, gentle space.

Our churchyard has a "residents only" rule to avoid overcrowding (the exception being a resident who had to leave home for full-time care outside Brampton).

The Montague plot for the Earls of Sandwich is housed here. They were local landowners for many generations and included the eponymous John Montagu, the 4th earl who asked for some beef between two slices of bread so that he could stay at the gaming table. Others then asked for "the same as Sandwich", and rest, as they say, is history . Earl Montagu also sponsored Captain Cook who thoughtfully named the Sandwich Islands (now the Hawaiian islands) after his patron.

There is history a-plenty in our churchyard including a grave for a black family slave, who must have been highly thought of indeed to be afforded such an honour.

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