Brampton Parish Council

Serving the people of Brampton

Brampton Sign

Clerk: Tess Rogers
Brampton Memorial Centre
Thrapston Road, Brampton
Huntingdon PE28 4TB

Brampton Village Hub offers a wide range of services, links up with other organisations and receives referrals from Brampton Surgery; The Alzheimer's Society; Cambridgeshire County Council; Huntingdon District Council; Hinchingbrooke Hospital and The RAF Benevolent Fund.

The Hub Board includes representatives from 14 organisations, with more than 120 volunteers offering more than 25 services, with new projects always on the go. Our Parish Council Chairman and our County Councillor are Board members.

The Hub has a volunteer trained safeguarding trainer and all volunteers coming into contact with vulnerable people, are DBS checked. The Hub provides a Treasury function and insurance for member organisations requiring these services.

The Parish Council provide an annual grant covering the Hub's operational expenditure and Brampton Village Hub is a standing item on the Parish Council agenda and supports The Hub in many other ways. Our County Councillor is there because a number of the Hub activities overlap with County social care responsibilities and because The Hub embodies the vision set out in the County Council's 'Think Communities Policy'.