Brampton Parish Council

Serving the people of Brampton

Brampton Sign

Clerk: Tess Rogers
Brampton Memorial Centre
Thrapston Road, Brampton
Huntingdon PE28 4TB

Many of the services detailed below were suspended during the pandemic but are now beginning to be restored.

  • ALBRAM Car Scheme and Patients Group - Lifts for the infirm to and from surgery; hospital; optician; and dentist – Tel: 07583 224523.
  • Befrienders Social Group Friday mornings from 10 am in the High Street Community Centre Call Billie – 01480 454453.
  • Brampton Community Library & Information Centre – In High Street Community Centre – Mondays 11.30 -1.30; Wednesdays 15.00 – 17.00; Saturdays 11.30 – 1.30.

The Library currently offers:

- In-house stock of approximately 3,000 books;
- Access to County Library stock of books, audiobooks, DVDs;
- Reservations and delivery/returns service between all Cambridgeshire Library facilities;
- Access to Libraries at Home Scheme;
- Access to County and National Library initiatives (e.g. National Summer Reading Challenge)
- Access to information about local, county and national reading, performance and arts events.

  • Brampton Events Group - Summer Fete; Christmas Lights on the Green; Movie Afternoons quizzes etc.
  • Brampton Good Neighbour Scheme – Telephone 07716 151926 or 07564 878774. Link to GP Surgery.
    - Home visit companion;
    - Helping the elderly and infirm find and supervise tradesmen for small jobs – link to Age UK;
    - Help with shopping & prescription collection;
    - Carer relief – allowing carers to have some 'me time';
    - Management of ordering and installation of lifeline alarms;
    - Money management support;
    - Administration support (Post, gas, electricity, bank etc);
    - Benefits and Allowances advice – (Training provided by Cambridgeshire County Council);
    - Bus Pass applications and renewals:
    - Blue Badge applications and renewals;
    - Advocacy - speaking up for people struggling with bureaucracy;
    - Technology enabled care advice.
  • Dementia Friendly Village – Telephone Janet - 07702 010594 Link to Alzheimer's Society and GP Surgery.
    - Dementia Reconnect Social Club – First Wednesday of every month at 10am at Brampton Memorial Centre;
    - Dementia Choir at the Memorial Centre;
    - Dementia Friendly Village information and training;
    - Love to Move – For those with dementia, a seated movement programme to music. Every Wednesday. 10.30am to 12pm at the Memorial Centre. The HUB provide a guarantee ensuring session costs are covered.

  • Falls Prevention Balancing Exercises run by HDC Start Right - Thursdays 14.00 – 15.00 – Hub financed.
  • IT Mentoring & Support – Solving your computer problems or demonstrating how to do things.
  • St Mary Magdalene church – Support within the Village.
  • Social Health Walks Group – A chat, an hour's walk with coffee & homemade cake after -Thursday mornings 10.15am start at Memorial Playing Fields Centre.
  • Jobs Club – Working with Huntingdon District Council to set up a post covid Jobs Club to help unemployed back into work. Due to became operational in July 2021.
  • Diamond Hampers – Provision of food for households unable to feed themselves. The food is provided by supermarkets, a bank and using grants provided.