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Covid-19 lockdown - communications toolkit - CCC

From: Cambridgeshire County and Peterborough City Councils
Sent: 20 January 2021 14:45
To: Parish Clerk
Subject: January Lockdown – social media toolkit

Dear Colleagues

As we're now in national lockdown, we've developed a communications toolkit for partners to share across their channels.

The messages and images focus on the importance of staying at home in accordance with the most recent government restrictions, as well as statistics to show the impact of people's behaviour during lockdown.

Please could you share these materials via your own channels and also with any community organisations in your towns and parishes, as appropriate.

Many thanks,


Please note: The toolkit includes social media posts and a WeTransfer link to download the assets in two sizes – one for Facebook, and a separate size for Twitter.

Posted: Wed, 20 Jan 2021 16:13 by Jon Chitty

Tags: Newsletters