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A141 - Have Your Say! - notice by Mayor of Cambridge & Peterborough

A141 - Have Your Say! - notice by Mayor of Cambridge & Peterborough

A141 - Have Your Say!

Dear Councillor,

I wanted you to be the first to know about a community engagement event that we are launching next week for anyone - and everyone - with an interest in how improvements to the A141 in the Huntingdon area will proceed.

With Covid restrictions in mind, we've set up a microsite Your A141 – Have Your Say! which people can safely visit to review a long-list of options for A141 improvement. They can compare the benefits and then choose options they prefer.

When the microsite goes live we will send you a link to share with your local residents

The sole purpose of the microsite is to give individuals and organisations across the area an easy way to be part of shaping the next stage of A141 improvement.

No decision has yet been made, so the more people who indicate a preference, and their reasoning for it, the better informed the Combined Authority and partners will be in deciding the way forward.

Insights from the local community will be essential in guiding our team to the best possible solution, so we're asking residents, road users, businesses and visitors to share their views, comments, criticisms and preferences in the survey.

To help everyone keep in touch with the A141 improvement scheme as it evolves, we've also set up a Facebook hub called @A141Community where people with shared interest in this vital road can be at the heart of the discussion about its development, and first in line for any news.

I'm writing to you now, not just to tell you personally about the microsite and the Facebook forum, but also in the hope that you'll feel able to use your influence, your social media, and your networks to spread the word about A141 – Have Your Say! and encourage people from every part of the community to visit the site and make their comments.

With best wishes,

James Palmer,

Mayor of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

Posted: Fri, 19 Feb 2021 16:55 by Jon Chitty

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