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Reporting of Anti Social Behaviour - anywhere, anytime - Call 101

After a virtual meeting with our Neighbourhood Police representative this morning, the point about reporting of anti-social behaviour was raised. Simply put, if you see something of concern then it must be reported promptly to the Police on 101.

The point stressed again was that emailing the Parish Council and claiming that "YOU SHOULD BE DOING SOMETHING" achieves nothing. Parish Councillors do not have the necessary statutory powers.

So if you are concerned about drug taking, anti-social behaviour, drinking, speeding, parking etc then tell 101 at the time that you see it. That way they then have a record which strengthens the case for local police action. They can do things which we simply cannot do. But without any information they have no basis whatsoever to get involved.

Interestingly, here have been virtually no reports since early March. And as already stressed, without you reporting incidents of concern, they will prioritise their attention elsewhere.

Posted: Thu, 15 Apr 2021 17:41 by Jon Chitty

Tags: Policies